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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Iowa Post Conviction...the first steps

This is my first blog entry on Iowa Post Conviction law. I hope that all who visit this blog will find something useful.

I have written a comprehensive manual on Iowa Post-Conviction Relief that can be reviewed and purchased at I wrote the book for two reasons. First, I work for Iowa attorneys that handle post-conviction cases, and the law in Iowa can be a jumbled mess of confusion. No one has ever penned a good source for Iowa PCR law. Second, alot of the attorneys who handle Iowa PCR actions seem to take the wrong steps or simply lay on a case and let it fester. Those types of actions simply cannot endeavor to improve the criminal law system.

I needed a good source to share with Iowans on the ins and outs of Iowa PCR law. The result of my work is the book on my website.

I trust that those that need it will find it and help all of us work toward a better future in Iowa PCR law, and positive outcomes to the thousands of PCR actions filed each year in Iowa.

If you have any questions or comments my direct email is

Best of luck to all of you.

C. Smith-LMC

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